This Is Ibiza 2018 (2018/MP3) (Постер / Обложка)

This Is Ibiza 2018 (2018/MP3)

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Название: This Is Ibiza 2018
Исполнитель: VA
Год: 2018
Жанр: House, Funky, Club House

Продолжительность: 05:45:35
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 Kbps


01.Ibiza Bitches - Be Happy (#Cmondance Club Remix)
02.Higher State of Trance - Memories (Extended Mix)
03.Dshyll - Be Mine (Saxo Mike Extended Mix)
04.Jack the Cat - Booty in Your Face (Clubmix)
05.Prince Ringo - Stardust (Clubmix)
06.Miss Caramelle - Feel the Beat (Session Mix)
07.#cmondance - Retro (Special Extended Mix)
08.Tiziara - Save Me (Mykel Mars Remix)
09.D4NC3FL00R - You Be Mine (Extended Mix)
10.Danceheat - I'll Be by Your Side (Extended Mix)
11.The Chillseekers - New Horizons (Deep House Mix)
12.DJ Absinth - You Are Gone (Club Mix)
13.Enaya - Gimme Your Love (Extended Mix)
14.Clever & Durchtrieben - Anywhere (Extended Mix)
15.Fuux - Movin' On (Extended Mix)
16.Domingo Club Rio - Louisa (Ibiza Groove Squad Remix)
17.Fun Till Six - Harlequin
18.Mydca - Everybody (Melbourne Freaks Extended Remix)
19.Milkbar Rockers - Alone with You (Extended Mix)
20.John Disco - The Need In Me
21.Meomee - Honey (Extended Mix)
22.Nothing but the Beat - Full Control (Extended Mix)
23.Nova Discoteque - Uncovered (Extended Mix)
24.Mykel Mars - Give Me the Sunshine (Ibiza Groove Squad Remix)
25.The Sublovers - I Gotta Know (Club Mix)
26.Uebermut - Human Heart (Club Mix)
27.Tiziara - Red Light (Bobby Escobar Remix)
28.Fit for Sound - Deeper Feeling (Extended Mix)
29.Blue Drift - Touch from Within (Ibiza Dub Mix)
30.Flambo - Dreamdance (Dream Version)
31.Miguel Lando - Heaven (Extended Mix)
32.Hotel Stereo - Morning Dew (Cheap Sunglasses Beachclub Remix)
33.Aruso - On My Own (Club Version)
34.My Island - Back to Summer (Extended Mix)
35.Miss Caramelle - Feel so Free (Extended Mix) (feat. Yaneena)
36.Bobby Escobar - Feel the Funk (Club Mix)
37.Alex Phunk - Pleasure & Pain (Vocal Clubmix)
38.The Partybangers - Shuffle Dance Anthem (Extended Mix)
39.Mackenstein - Battlefield (Club Mix)
40.Anthem Kings - We Are on Fire (Mykel Mars Club Remix)
41.Heartville - You Can Have It All (CrakMoon Remix)
42.Mykel Mars - White Beach (Pure White Club Remix)
43.Secret Ibiza - Swimming in the Ocean (Beachhouse Mix)
44.Bikini Beats - Saturday Night (Disco Mix)
45.David Caruso - Life Is Better with Sunshine (Clubmix)
46.Anthem Kings - We Are on Fire (Extended Mix)
47.Pure White - Blue Motorcycle (Cruising Along The Coast Mix)
48.Dopa Amin - 3 AM (Extended Mix)
49.Double Deep - Chase You Down (Latenight Mix)
50.Deep Azur - Sunset Island (Beach Club Mix)
51.Audiolove - 100% (Extended Mix)
52.Fenry Hord - My Love (Extended Mix)
53.Rimini Jones - Eternity (Ibiza Dub Mix)
54.Wolkenlos - Seagulls & Surfers (Dub Mix)
55.Melbourne Freaks - Deep Deep Down (Extended Mix)
56.Prash - Electric Circus (Minimal Mix)
57.Mydca - Everybody (Miss Caramelle Remix)
58.Eddy Chrome - Pulling Me Down (Club Mix)
59.Ibiza Groove Squad - Afraid of My Heart (Afterhour Version)
60.Primo Lopez - Silence (Deep House Mix)
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